The Cutest Romper That Ever Was!

After sewing the knot-tie dress for my older daughter, I was itching to do something in similar colors for my younger daughter, but since she is just starting to walk, I needed something that wasn’t going to trip her up. So I thought I would revisit McCalls Pattern #M4424 that I used to make this romper with. It’s great to use a pattern you have already used before: firstly, all the pattern pieces are already ironed and cut, and because you’ve already done it once, it’s easier the second time around…which isn’t to say I didn’t make any mistakes this time around…but nothing a seam ripped couldn’t fix…ahem…

But really any romper pattern with a separate bodice piece would work for this.

A few weeks ago Hancock Fabrics was having one of their sales, 30% most fabrics. I lugged a whole lot of fabric to the cutting table, and got 1/2 yard to 1 yard of various cute prints to stick in my stash at home. After cutting one particularly cute print, the Hancock’s employee announced the price: about $10 a yard. Me: What? Huh? It was supposed to be 30%-40% off! Her: Nope, not this fabric. Me: Wah! Her: Well, don’t worry, you don’t have to take it. Me: Um, no…my fault, I’ll take it.

It was a super cute bird print and I just vowed to make something worthy of the $10 I paid for it. That’s a lot of pressure for a little romper.

I made some minor modifications – pretending to be theĀ Sandra Lee of home sewing:

- I sewed piping between the pant bottoms and the bodice with the help of The Cottage Home’s tutorial.

- I added snaps at the back closure instead of buttons, saving myself sewing two buttonholes and buttons on: I like the detail of the pearl snaps, but I do admit to having my frustrations with attaching snaps as well.

- I added little side pockets before finishing the bottom of the romper. In retrospect, I wish I placed them higher up on the romper. I followed ikat bag’s fabulous tutorial. If you would prefer another type of pocket, check out her amazing quilt with 26 different pockets including how-to’s.

This is my little one post nap modeling the romper….it’s a pretty difficult task taking a decent illustrative picture of a toddler.

But I think she pulled it off well, don’t you?


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2 thoughts on “The Cutest Romper That Ever Was!

  1. Holy cow…I just clicked through to that pocket tutorial and saw that awesome pocket quilt with the *button-on back* to learn pockets from. I am filled with so much wow for that lady right now.

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