Mens’ Dress Shirt to Girls’ Romper

So this week’s Project Run and Play challenge was to transform a dress shirt into something wearable for a child. A few months ago I had purchased Burda 9491, and I thought I might try to make a romper based off that pattern. The original pattern has cap sleeves and a pleated front yoke; you can see a lovely interpretation here.

I changed the romper to include two layered ruffled sleeves and ruffles going down the front next to the buttons. I also made the shorts a little shorter and reduced the circumference of the leg bands so the shorts are a little puffier. I’m not a huge fan of the pattern’s elastic waist band (a little too 1970s Ralph Furley reminiscent) and would probably do it differently if I made this again. But I made a little sash and it tied everything together nicely and covered the waistband.

But as usual, my model loved it!


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20 thoughts on “Mens’ Dress Shirt to Girls’ Romper

  1. So cute! I love that pattern,and just made the shirt from that pattern for my entry last week:) Have yet to try the romper, but do plan to extend the shirt into a dress someday! Nice work..

    • I actually wanted to put two strips of ruffles coming down the front, but that was as much fabric as I could salvage…the inside of the collar had to be a different fabric, just because there was no more fabric left.

  2. Your daughter is gorgeous!!! I love this look! I might have to check out that pattern! I love rompers but I’ve only made one so far for my daughter! I think they will be easier once she starts to walk! :)

    • Lols…I had to laugh when I read “easier” and “starts to walk” in the same sentence! That might be the only thing that is easier once she is vertically mobile!

  3. Such a lovely dress, it looks really clean and finished. I will post mine (hopefully) by friday, this week has me going in too many directions. So glad to see that others are able to make such great stuff, I have hope!

    • I hear you, last week and this week was the only two times I have been able to participate in the sew along this season. But every time I do complete a project under the gun like this, I feel I have learned something and there is a real sense of accomplishment.

  4. such a cutie – those ruffles are great. I can’t wait until I can do rompers again for baby girl – I feel like once she is fully walking she’ll be able to pull them off again. ;o)

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