Fabric Storage Project

I really haven’t done much sewing recently, but I have done some fabric organizing! I wrapped fabric on Comic Book Backing Boards using the method explained here. It was pretty easy and very addictive to see the mounds of fabric, becoming nice organized rectangles that I could prop up in my bookshelf. The little boxes have patterns stored in them and serve as book ends, er, fabric ends?

Here are some other inspiring fabric organization posts:

So now I can stare at my fabrics like Gollum in Lord of the Rings: “Precious, My Precious….”

3-in-1 Circle Skirt and Ruffled Halter Top Tutorial

Project Run & Play‘s first challenge was a Remix of Dana’s Circle Skirt. Funnily enough, I had already done my own remix a while back, making a bubble skirt out of it. But this time I wanted to do something a little different, but didn’t change anything about Dana’s pattern. I was inspired by this tutorial (and btw, isn’t the skirt in that post gorgeous?)

Instead, I just added little snaps around the inside of the bottom hem of the skirt, and put the other side of the snaps about 4 inches up on the inside of the skirt.I sewed a total of 16 snaps (which meant 32 pieces in total…arg, it was long work…let me just say, I was able to watch 2 hours of Hoarders while doing this…). Continue reading

Matching Outfits and Photo Shoot!

I can’t remember exactly what was running through my head when Abby was born and the nurse said: “it’s a girl”…but I’m pretty sure that a few seconds after learning that I now I had two daughters, I was already dreaming of matching outfits for the girls.

And the first such occasion was for a family photo shoot this past weekend!

I used McCall’s sewing patterns: LolaLou for McCall’s Patterns M6271 Children’s/Girls’ Top, Dress and Shorts for the dress and Laura Ashley Infants’ Dress and Romper Pattern #M4424 for the romper. I had purchased both of these at a recent Hancock Fabrics sale where they were selling patterns for $1 a piece. So when it was time to sew, I just looked into my pattern stash and found these two. They were both pretty easy to make.

What I have found since getting into sewing is that the actual prep work of sewing is far more laborious than the sewing part. With pattern sewing, I unpack the pattern paper, iron it flat, then cut out the individual pieces. Since the patterns were so cheap, I don’t think it’s worth it to trace the pattern so that I can use it for a larger size…I figure that if I want to make this particular pattern again in the future in a larger size, I will just wait for another $1 pattern sale. Then I lay out the pieces on the fabric and cut. After that, the sewing is almost a breeze…especially once the garment starts taking shape.

For Elle’s dress, I deviated from the pattern directions in that I just used two fabrics, because I loved the flower print I had so much, that I didn’t want to use a contrasting fabric for the bodice…I also didn’t want to have a front brand covering any part of the bodice. I just made the neck straps out of a contrasting chartreuse-like green. I made the shorter dress, but opted to not make the shorts, but instead made matching a underwear/diaper cover out of the flower print.

For Abby’s romper I followed the directions for rompers F and D, but didn’t use any of the embellishments of ruffles or bows.

Here’s a picture from the shoot…just a sneak peek that the photographer, Mary, sent over already…I can’t wait to see the rest!


Ruffled Shoulder Dress for Project Run and Play

Eeeek, so I’m doing it: I’m throwing my hat in the ring for Project Run and Play! I had toyed with the idea for a few weeks after discovering Project Run & Play towards the end of their last season. The thought of competing in such a competition has me almost petrified, but excited at the same time! Sewing a complete outfit in just a few days, taking pictures and posting it online? So I thought I would just join the Sew Along in the upcoming season…but on Monday morning, I went to the PR&P website and saw all the entries and suddenly I wanted in too! Continue reading

Child’s Personalized Pillow

This project was made for a very special little girl who turns 2 today! And I was super excited to make it, since her mother has knit an obscene amount of clothing and toys and blankets and bibs and hair clips, and and and for my kids, and I have never returned the favor. I wish I could be there to see Charlotte open it up and see if she recognizes herself. Especially since my daughter Elle kept on coming over and claiming it was her (before I embroidered the glasses on)…I’m thinking I’ll be making her one soon!

My inspiration came from these two images I had pinned on Pinterest
(aka Pintercrack):

Source: sarahandabraham.com via Britt on Pinterest

The first picture is from a blog that posted a tutorial with printable patterns and the second is from the super cute Sarah and Abraham online store…they have super cute personalized gifts for children. Continue reading

The No-Fail Bubble Skirt Tutorial

My quest for the perfect bubble skirt pattern/tutorial has been something like my quest for the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe. I even thought I had hit upon it, and posted a tutorial a few months back…but it really wasn’t perfect. But now I’ve found it, and have used it a few times, and am happy with the results each time. So this time I documented it. Regrettably, the fabric mixture I chose was kind of a circus tent/court jester fail, but the tutorial still works. Here are some other ones I made for my nieces for Christmas, in normal fabrics (one of them was using that cool new ruffle fabric they have) and they came out super cute:The fit depends on the length you choose and how much gathering you want, but this is how mine looks on me (photo taken by my 3 1/3 year old…thought it was pretty mad skillz for using an SLR for the first time…that was his first and last shot…decided it was good enough, as it was a little too scary watching him manhandle the camera).: Continue reading

Quilted CH-47 Chinook Helicopter Baby Blanket

So freaking cute!!!…yes, I know. I’m not being very modest here, but this is my first attempt at quilting, and I’m super proud with how it turned out. Not perfect, but still cute…it’ll do the job! I was inspired by this quilt:


I wanted to make a baby quilt for friends who are expecting and I wanted something with Chinooks (a twin rotor helicopter for the uninitiated) since the baby’s daddy is a Chinook pilot…and I wanted to make it gender neutral, because they aren’t finding out what the baby is. I loved the colors on white background and know it’s not absolutely practical for baby spit-up etcetera, but that’s what Oxy-Clean is for…and quite often cute goes hand in hand with impractical!

I’m writing up a tutorial of sorts here, but be warned: this is my first quilt ever, and I kind of winged it…if you have suggestions to offer on how to do things properly, I’d welcome your comments! It’s by no means a perfect quilt, and the not-so-novice quilter will probably do a facepalm when reading this… Continue reading

American Girl Doll Matching PJs

Lately it seems that many of my projects have been gifts. They give me great practice and “fund” my hobby, because otherwise I would be buying a gift. With the exception of my attempt to make this for my sister-in-law – a fiasco my husband dubbed the “Ghillie scarf” because it looked like it might belong on a Ghillie suit and would probably make a good submission to CraftFail – they’ve turned out pretty well.

One of the most recent things I’ve made was for a friend’s daughter, who was turning 7. I knew that she had recently gotten an American Girl doll and thought a matching outfit might be nice. Initially I was thinking matching dresses, but then I defaulted to an easier project.

I don’t have many pictures of this, but I’ll try to be as descriptive as possible. Continue reading

Jingle Owls, Jingle Owls, Jingle All The Way

My title is deceptive…these cute little felt owl ornaments don’t jingle, but they sure do get me into the Christmas spirit!

I used Jessica Levitt’s pattern, but used some sequins I had on hand rather than the beads for the eyes. Also I only had large ric rac…but I think they came out super cute…it’s a great little project that will give you a huge sense of accomplishment!

And it doesn’t have to be a Christmas only ornament: I love You Go Girl’s pink and green interpretation with the incorporation of printed fabric:

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