Thrift Store Chair Makeover

On Saturday I was checking out the local Salvation Army, looking for old clothes that could be re-purposed in sewing projects. They were having a great sale on clothes: 50 cents for any children’s clothes item (they have wagon loads full of barely used great clothes: Gymboree, GAP, Old Navy etc…). I was so sad that there was a plethora of 3T boys clothes and my boy is now 4T. Boo! And I’m not allowed to buy any more girls clothes, since we have so many hand-me-downs…but I did allow myself to get the cutest white tights with gold dots on them in size 18m. I did manage to get a pair swim trucks (Spiderman, score!) and two shirts for Rex too. And adult clothing was $1 an item…I found 4 pairs of shorts that looked like they would fit me (upon trying them on at home, it turns out that only two fit me…so looks like I paid $2 a pair, instead of $1…but that’s okay…). Funnily enough, I came away empty handed for my original intent of finding clothes I could cut up and sew into other projects.

And then I happened upon a beautiful wooden chair with arms that was suffering from “bank lobby circa 1970″ upholstery. It was terrifically sturdy and well-made and had nice structural detailing. And it was only $13! Sold!

This evening I decided to tackle the reupholstering of the chair with some upholstery fabric I’d purchased from Fabric Guru over a year ago…one of those fabric stockpile/stash pieces that I knew would come in handy one day. Fabric Guru has a great selection of upholstery fabric at sometimes ridiculously low prices…I can’t remember what I paid for the black and white fabric, but I know another piece I got was 8 yards for $15. And you pay one flat rate of $5 for shipping. This black and white woven fabric was really interesting, because I can use either the front or back of the fabric, one side is white with black flowers, and the other black with white flowers. I chose the black with white flowers for upholstering the chair.

At first I had ambitions of removing the original fabric, and using it as a pattern to cover the cushion again with the same piping on the edge. But then I decided I would rather have a less than one hour project with satisfactory results, rather than a possibly never-ending project with spectacular results.

So I just removed the seat cushions and covered the old cushions with the new fabric using my handy-dandy upholstery stapler.

And it turns out that satisfactory is pretty darned close to spectacular in my opinion. Take that Crate and Barrel or other overpriced furniture store! It definitely taught me to look at used furniture with a different eye, it’s amazing what a coat of paint or change of upholstery can do.


Child’s Personalized Pillow

This project was made for a very special little girl who turns 2 today! And I was super excited to make it, since her mother has knit an obscene amount of clothing and toys and blankets and bibs and hair clips, and and and for my kids, and I have never returned the favor. I wish I could be there to see Charlotte open it up and see if she recognizes herself. Especially since my daughter Elle kept on coming over and claiming it was her (before I embroidered the glasses on)…I’m thinking I’ll be making her one soon!

My inspiration came from these two images I had pinned on Pinterest
(aka Pintercrack):

Source: via Britt on Pinterest

The first picture is from a blog that posted a tutorial with printable patterns and the second is from the super cute Sarah and Abraham online store…they have super cute personalized gifts for children. Continue reading

Her heart is in Kauai – String Art Style

A good friend of mine is a Kauai-aholic. Alicia goes at least once a year to tank up on the island’s gorgeous scenery and laid back attitude. As a homage to the Hawaiian paradise, she even has a tattoo of the island’s outline on the inside of her left wrist. She is truly smitten, so I thought she would appreciate a piece of art reflecting her love.  A while back, I had seen something on Pinterest that inspired me:

Source: via Britt on Pinterest


I thought it was a great idea, but really didn’t want to have to cut up some wood and bust out the paint. I thought I could cover the wood in some fabric instead of painting it, to give it a nice finish before putting the nails in, but I was still reluctant. Continue reading

Disco Ball Christmas Ornament Tutorial

I think I can hear the Bee Gees! Stayin’ Alive, Staying Alive! Oooh, ooh, ohh oooh. I really love the Bee Gees…my husband? Not so much…he doesn’t like Neil Diamond either…*sigh*…I digress…

I was channeling my inner Tony Monero in my awesome white suit and decided no Christmas tree would be complete without a disco ball. So I made this here ornament and took photos while I was doing it, so I could share it with the world wide web! Continue reading

Felt Butterfly Throw Pillow

Ooooh, the pretty butterflies! This project turned out way better than I expected. A friend of Rex and Elle was celebrating her 4th birthday with a butterfly themed party. So I thought I would whip up some cute butterfly throw pillows. I surfed Pinterest for some inspiration and happened upon these two:



While I love the sophisticated colors of the first pillow, I thought the fun colors of the second pillow would be perfect for a little girl’s bedroom. Also, I loved the alternating butterfly shapes of the second pillow.

So, this is what I did: Continue reading

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